Vineyard Management Enhanced with vintrace and GrapeLink Integration

Improving the customer experience is an essential part of every business. At vintrace, we take our customers’ experience very seriously. As 2020 harvest loomed, we uncovered that several of our customers were looking to integrate grape data from GrapeLink with feed intake and maturity data from vintrace, we took on the challenge to build an integration to better connect the winery and vineyard.

GrapeLink is a cloud based tool to capture and report data supporting grape intake and vineyard. The core features of GrapeLink are; managing spray records, job sheets, calibration records, declarations, production forecasts, maturity data, and weighbridge data. You can find out more about the GrapeLink software here.

Vintrace built a powerful API that allowed GrapeLink to build out the core of the integration from their system. The end result was a powerful integration allowing customers to:

  • Transmit Earliest Harvest Dates from GrapeLink to vintrace
  • Transmit Tonnage Estimates from GrapeLink to vintrace
  • Transmit Block Maturity data from Vintrace to GrapeLink for grower access
  • Transmit Weighbridge data from Vintrace to GrapeLink for grower access

“Growers were able to see data in Grapelink in real time, and the integration saved double entry from our Lab Manager,” said Melisa from Shaw + Smith. “We used to manually enter the data into Grapelink then send spreadsheets to Grapelink for uploading. The integration saved many hours of data entry and correspondence with growers. We saved 25 hours of work alone between adding sample data and new blocks.”

The collaboration between the GrapeLink and vintrace teams, resulted in the requirements being met before Southern Hemisphere harvest.“At GrapeLink we strongly support integration with third party systems with an objective to provide systems that support business operations,” said Graeme, the owner of Grapelink. “Our core focus is the grape space from growing to delivery. The API integration into cloud based winery software like vintrace means we can deliver an end to end solution to winery operations.”

The customers using the new integration for 2020 vintage are from Australia and include: Fogarty Wine Group, Shaw + Smith, and Tasmanian Vintners. We expect to see at least 6 more vintrace customers, in New Zealand, integrate with GrapeLink prior to next vintage. The success of the initial Australia integrations means GrapeLink will be pushing forward with a positive outlook for the 2021 vintage.

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