How much is outdated winemaking software costing your business?

October 3, 2021

Winemaking software has been around for decades; however, the first variations look pale compared to what is on offer today. If your business hasn’t had a tech upgrade in years, or if you’re not using cloud-based winery software, chances are your tech is outdated and costing your business money.

You don’t have to look far to find some pretty scary statistics on the financial impacts. Several studies reveal that laggard technology can cost a shocking 46 minutes of the average employee’s work day. That’s almost 24 days of a working year and anywhere from $7.5k to $13k or more per employee, per year. Ouch! 

Here are some other ways outdated winemaking software may be costing your business:

  • Money

     The simple fact is that outdated technology costs businesses more than it saves because it is more expensive to maintain. Additionally, your IT costs will increase if your team can’t access support without paying a fee, especially as system effectiveness decreases over time. 

  • Security risk 

    Outdated winemaking software may ultimately result in security vulnerabilities, leaving your company open to cyberattacks. Older software is often unsupported and has weak backup solutions meaning you’re at risk of losing valuable data. 

  • Productivity

     In this modern, digital age, employees have very little patience for outdated software. A workplace survey in the US found that businesses waste around $1.8 trillion per year on outdated technology, while one in four workers think their company’s technology limits their productivity.

  • Staff morale 

    Time and money are not the only things lost to sluggish winemaking software. Employees admit that it negatively impacts morale, especially if they have to work overtime to compensate for delays due to tech issues. 

If all this is so, why are businesses delaying their tech updates? 


The truth is, there are many reasons why businesses delay updating their technology. As the old saying goes: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Status quo bias is challenging to overcome, along with fear of change and inertia of habit. But hesitancy towards any potential business disruptions may be holding you and your business back from the far outweighing benefits of improved technology.  

There’s an easy solution, though – and it all comes down to planning. Check out our ultimate guide to choosing the right winemaking software solution for your business. 

For more information check out our plans and request a demo.

Requesting a software reference check is a pretty standard procedure for future vintrace customers as they evaluate our software. And it makes sense—they want to make sure they get the most bang for their buck.

The software reference check marks the home stretch in your endeavour and is a vital part of the purchase process. Talking to people who use vintrace will give you an objective perspective on the software’s capabilities and reassure you that our wine production software is of the highest quality on the market.

We’ve put together a list of 10 questions to help you navigate your software reference check and get the most out of your time with our customers.

  • How long have you been using vintrace?

  • Can you walk me through vintrace’s implementation process (how long did it take, what was required of you and your team and did your experience match your expectations)?

  • In your opinion, what are vintrace’s top three features, and why?

  • Have you identified any gaps or shortcomings in the product?

  • Does vintrace release valuable product enhancements and new features frequently?

  • Has vintrace helped your business save time and money?

  • How would you rate the customer service and support you receive from vintrace?

  • What other software solutions did you look at, and why did you choose vintrace?

  • Do you consider vintrace to be a partner in your success?

  • Can you recommend vintrace without reservation?


The software reference check is usually the last step before negotiating your purchase. It will provide you with confirmation that vintrace can deliver what we say we can. When it comes to making a significant product evaluation, it’s worth putting extra effort into the process—the information you can gain can be invaluable.

To obtain a list of relevant contacts for your software reference check, don’t hesitate to contact us at to discuss your software requirements with our expert sales team.

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