Sales low. Stakes high. It’s time for wine to find a better way forward.

The wine industry is on its third straight year of negative growth. Modern wineries have discovered they must adapt to the trends defining the future of wine. It’s time to blend tradition with innovation and rewire your winery operations to become future-proof.

A Guidebook

The Future of the Wine Industry

Many wineries and brands are experiencing success despite today’s tumultuous wine market. Their secret? Staying agile and adapting to reach modern consumers more effectively.

Uncover a better way forward with key strategies of successful enterprise wineries around the globe. It’s time for the industry to move forward and become future-proof and it starts with you.



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From maker to market, Encompass Technologies is revolutionizing how technology supports the modern beverage industry. The Encompass Digital Platform connects hundreds of thousands of global wine and total beverage companies spanning producers, distributors, and retailers with their vintrace and Encompass solutions.

The entire Encompass network is igniting the modern era of supply chain collaboration and rewiring the meaning of growth and efficiency for customers.

With more than 20 years of experience providing beverage management software solutions, Encompass Technologies has built a reputation for moving the industry forward and fundamentally changing how beverages are made and brought to market.

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