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A letter from Jim & Emily Vahl

Dear WMDB Clients: Your ongoing confidence in WMDB is what drives both Jim and me. It is bittersweet that we will be moving on to the next chapter of our lives and departing WMDB. We sincerely appreciate the partnership you have shown for these many years.

We are excited to announce we have found the perfect home for WMDB with the leading beverage industry software provider Encompass and its winery and vineyard management software arm, vintrace.

Jim and I are both looking forward to moving on to our next passions, but couldn’t work on our next chapters without ensuring the customer base we have built over the last nearly 30 years remains in good hands. As we ease our way down new paths, we’ll continue to perform an advisory role on the overall strategy and customer advocacy of the WMDB business.

If you’d like to read more about the partnership, you can visit the news brief here, but in short: all customers will continue receiving the same support, from the same WMDB team and there are no plans to change the WMDB product as a result of Encompass/vintrace leading WMDB.

We appreciate your trust in our business and know Encompass/vintrace is the right choice given their respect for WMBD over the years, their long-term strategy of the wine industry, and their reputation in the entire beverage market.

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