vintrace Wine Production Software Launches Spanish Language Version

vintrace in Spanish opens the wine industry to powerful levels of accessibility and opportunity for greater efficiency throughout the winemaking process.

February 15, 2024

English is spoken by around 1.75 billion people worldwide, but it’s the first language of fewer than 400 million. Companies that employ non-native speakers of a given language are often forced to hire within a lingual bubble or spend more time training employees on processes in an unfamiliar language. Lack of language adaptability causes issues with user experience, workflow, labor training, and employee retention. Ultimately a language barrier also creates a ceiling to a winery’s growth potential. 

In the wine industry, it is abundantly clear that technology is how the industry will move forward from three years of negative growth according to the 2024 SVB State of the Wine Industry report. You know that the right technology can maximise efficiency and support your effort in building a smarter organization, but when the reach of that software is confined to a singular language in a market known for its global prowess, the future of the wine industry encounters limitations based on lingual inaccessibility. 

vintrace, the global leader in wine production software, is giving wineries more power than ever before with its introduction of Spanish-translated winemaking software. This is one step of many to further globalize vintrace Wine Cloud, which is already used in more than 19 countries worldwide.

Spanish vintrace is available to all wineries and current vintrace users can easily toggle to Spanish within vintrace

vintrace is a great tool to achieve traceability according to what a winery needs. The most important point that I see is that it is an extremely friendly and easy-to-implement system, where it has been thought through from the technical part to the accounting part, contrary to what many warehouse management systems usually offer, that the accounting part is the priority and when we get to the technical part there are usually many inconveniences. The fact of having its version in Spanish, I think will be of great help for the region.

Gonzalo Serrano

Director of Operations, Anaia Wines

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The use of the vintrace platform allows for the generation of reliable traceability that contributes to decision-making in all areas, from the technician who receives the work order to the executive who verifies input outputs. Being able to download files with selected information It makes foreseeable the latent setbacks to be contemplated during work days. Having a wine production management system in your language becomes a basic necessity when seeking order and standardization of processes.

Yesenia Cruz

Winemaker, Concierto Enológico

Wineries now have a better way to optimise software to fit their workforce and growth goals. Visit to learn what English-Spanish software can do for your winery. 


The modern wine industry is here, and to remain competitive in an unpredictable industry landscape, data, and technology are more essential than ever. vintrace revolutionises how technology supports the modern winery by arming more than 800 of the world’s most forward-thinking winemakers with the platform to manage production, maximize margins, and make better wine by improving collaboration, providing insights and enhancing decision-making – fundamentally changing how wines go to market. 

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