Phase 2 Cellars is streamlining a large custom crush operation for clients and cellar staff

Phase 2 Cellars is a 10,000-ton custom crush operation serving up to eight clients in San Luis Obispo, California. Josh Baker, Chief Production Officer, and his team are responsible for accurately managing wines in 134 stainless steel tanks.

Phase 2 takes pride in providing boutique quality principles in larger volumes.” — Josh Baker

Switching wine production software is not a decision any winery makes lightly. You can imagine how carefully this was considered for a facility serving 8 wineries. In 2017, after exhaustive research and due diligence, Phase 2 Cellars made the move to vintrace.

“We needed software that would provide timely visibility for our clients’ wines, that would be more intuitive to use, and give greater ownership of the process to our cellar staff.” Josh Baker

Before installing vintrace, creating accurate topping work orders for 320 separate lots in 11,000 client-owned barrels was arduous. It took the Phase 2 team eight exhausting, meticulously double-checked man-hours every three-to-four weeks. With vintrace’s production software this process was virtually eliminated.

Whether on-site or off-site, Phase 2 clients expect error-free data available in real-time. This includes lot-specific volume, tank location, and composition by varietal and vineyard, as well as complete production and lab analysis history.

Before installing vintrace, Phase 2 clients waited 8-12 hours after fruit was received to get a report. The ramification? A delay in receiving the client’s instructions when every hour matters.

“vintrace helps us provide exceptional customer service. Our clients appreciate seeing their wine data in real-time rather than waiting for someone to prepare a report in the middle of crush.” Josh Baker

With vintrace’s production software, Phase 2’s clients simply login to see everything about their wines in real-time. For example, they can see tonnage, brix, and temperature as soon as it’s measured and entered. No need to be on-site. No waiting. No report needed.

And if a client is on-site, they simply go to their own tanks and scan them to see the wine’s history, composition, lab analyses, and enter their own tasting notes on their own devices.

Data entry transcription was eliminated by arming cellar staff with connected iPads. Baker notes, “Cellar staff can see right away if they need a measurement, or if they are missing a barrel, or if something isn’t right or complete.” During harvest, “Everyone from the weighmaster to the press operator has a list of what will be done today.” Baker has even replaced the ubiquitous magnetic tank board with far more accurate vintrace driven HDTV monitors.

vintrace’s billing module also creates accurate invoices from completed work orders and contracted rates, and compliance works in a similar manner. For Phase 2, this eliminated the need for a fulltime billing and compliance supervisor.

Key Benefits for Phase 2 Cellars

1. Client access provided improved visibility to their wines.
2. Faster reporting and decision making.
3. Improved team engagement, workflow, and communication.
4. Increased productivity. Eliminating manual topping process.
5. Billing and compliance simplification and accuracy.

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“vintrace helps us provide exceptional customer service.”

Josh Baker, Chief Production Officer
Phase2 Cellars, San Luis Obispo, California

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