Use this free guide to choose the right software to run your winery

February 4, 2019

Not all software solutions are built the same or come with the service and support you’ll need. To help you decide we’ve compiled a checklist of things to consider before making your decision.

References, References, References

  • Speak to at least 3 wineries of a similar size to yours that have been using the software for a minimum of 12 months, including through a harvest

  • Don’t rely on online reviews alone, particularly those that have been paid for

  • Be sure to ask about the support, service and reliability of the software

Training, Setup and Ongoing Support

  • Be properly trained with onsite or online training and free monthly webinars

  • Ensure you will be properly assisted during your data migration at no extra charge

  • Ensure the software runs on a tier 1 Cloud provider (such as Amazon) with proven disaster recovery procedures and performance. 

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  • Free and regular software updates, all installed for you

  • Free, friendly phone and email support in English and Spanish

  • Detailed online help guides and a dedicated 

    YouTube channel

  • Save time with best-in-class integration partnerships including QuickBooks Online, TankNET, ETS, FOSS, AgCode, VinWizard, Xero, Vend, fruit scales and more.

Custom crush

  • Give your clients online access through the web and the App to access their wines and run their own reports without calling or emailing you

  • Track multiple APs, bonds or facilities in the one convenient database

  • Invoice your customers directly for custom crush work leveraging price lists and automation to make billing as simple as tracking work orders

Real time mobility

  • A robust state of the art App on both iPhone and Android that is easy to use

  • Use the App on your phone to complete work orders, enter lab results, schedule and crush your fruit plus much more

  • Support for industrial hardware with long range scanning capability such as the Android mc33 for harsher cellar and warehouse environments

Winemaking, reports and compliance

  • Be able to schedule work orders in advance of a wine moving into a tank

  • Backdate analysis and additions even after a wine has moved from tank or barrel

  • Generate a Bill of Lading with wine composition, Federal/State tax classes, additive summary and analysis details when shipping out bulk or packaged wine

  • Print barcodes for your barrels and tanks and scan them easily from your phone to reduce errors in the cellar

  • Be able to customize the layout of your work orders, reports and labels on an as needed basis for you and your management team

  • Track and report on COGs for your wines from fruit through to finished product with the ability to back date costs at a later date. Make sure your accountants have confidence in the numbers

  • Easily run a TTB 5120.17 report that is ready-to-file as often as you need

  • Be compliant with the FDA and FSMA with comprehensive additive lot tracking and tracing

  • Easily correct mistakes with a convenient undo or rollback feature

  • Track and manage dry goods, finished goods and all other inventory without needing to purchase an additional system

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